April 17th, 2012, 9:04 am




All right, some of you may have noticed that there's no comic yet.

I didn't have the greatest day yesterday we'll just say that. First of all I found out I'm not going to see Thrice live for the last chance I may get for who knows how many years (they're going on hiatus after this).

But that was just one thing. And that wasn't really that important.

A few hours later my mom got a text that my grandpa passed away.
We already knew that it wouldn't be much longer but still, seemed pretty sudden. He'd been on dialysis for the past 9 years and every time he would go into the hospital and come out, he'd feel worse. I guess it was just his time now.

I feel like it should have affected me more than it has but I also only saw him once in the past 10 or 12 years (and that was 2 years ago that we did see him) so I suppose it makes sense that I wasn't hit as hard. I'm more worried about my dad than anything else, seeing as he was HIS dad.
And my brother isn't taking it too well either I don't think. I mean we'll all be fine. We know where he is now anyway and that's certainly some comfort.

If there's one thing about Christians, we grieve differently. We don't grieve like there's no hope.
We'll see him again some day.

But yeah, basically I wasn't feeling up to the comic and I'm sure you all can understand that.
I'm all right so don't worry about me, I had a lot of things going on yesterday too that added to my stress on top of that too so that's part of it. Either way I'll try to have the comic up for Friday.
I do apologize for the constant stream of delays and things though. I know I do that often.