August 14th, 2012, 10:47 am


You've Heard This Before


Whelp, yeah you've heard this before. I have to delay the comic again. I know it's getting old.

A few reasons for it. First being that work crammed me with hours this week. I have very little time between shifts unless I used all my free time to do it. Then there's Wednesday and Thursday. I'm going to my dad's and to see mewithoutYou in concert. I adore that band...I really do. But that's besides the point. That'll take all my attention for those two days probably. I need them anyway cause of how busy work decided to be this week. The only other thing is stress. If I used every ounce of free time to crank out a comic, it would probably be crappy. We don't want crappy comics now do we?

I dunno. I'll be back next week if I can't get one for Friday. I'm sorry this arc has been one of the slowest and toughest to finish for some reason. Just got a lot going on lately *shrug*