February 6th, 2014, 7:26 am


*MIGHT* be a tad later even


Okay so I'm not entirely sure yet but I just woke up this morning and it feels like I'm sitting in a refridgerator. The guy who's supposed to fix the furnace was here but apparently had to leave and call someone about parts. They're trying to get it up and running but it might be that we need a new furnace all together.
If that's the case than I'm sorry but I can't do a comic or anything. I know it sounds kind of dumb but it's ten degrees colder in the house then it was last night when I typed this, so it's around 50 right now. That doesn't sound too bad but and it wouldn't be if I were outside wearing a jacket. I can't draw when it's like that. My fingers are cold typing this stupid journal.
Sorry, I'm a little annoyed. I was actually looking forward to waking up and working on the comic like I used to. If they guy can't get it fixed today than I'm really sorry but you'll all have to wait again.
This is annoying.

GabrielsThoughts February 6th, 2014, 12:54 pm

50 degrees is when your lips and fingers go numb and anything bellow 37 is literally a freezer. I can understand the difficulty of working in a refrigerator.